English Language Grammar Reference & Teacher's Guide - First Edition: for ELT, ALT, JET and TESOL, TEFL, ESL, ESOL Teachers

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By: C. Neil Linton

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"This English Language Grammar Reference & Teacher's Guide" has been thoughtfully created drawing on almost two-decades of accumulated knowledge and wisdom gained as an English Language Facilitator, a Teaching English as a Second Language Teacher-Trainer, and an owner / Principal of two "Ministry of Education" registered and "Qualifications Authority" accredited English language schools. The book has been created as a comprehensive alternative to the intimidating thick and costly technical grammar books most ESL teachers accumulate. These books are often filled with linguistic academic jargon that is not easily understood, not to mention being heavy to carry from class to class. With an ESL teacher's needs in mind, the book has been packed with relevant, practical classroom information, examples, and advice, as well as being a comprehensive resource to the grammar and usage of the English language. Chapter One contains a comprehensive outline to the grammar and usage of the eight ( 8 ) parts of speech found in the English language, in simple terms. You will find easy to understand explanations and real-life sentence examples for each concept. Chapter Two contains an English language punctuation guide. The guide can be used in two ways. First, the entire collection can be used as a reference to assist the ESL teacher in the correct use of punctuation. Second, the chapter can be used as a teaching tool. Each category, or a selection of categories within the chapter, can be the basis of an independent ESL lesson. Chapter Three contains a writing guide for either the teacher or their students. It provides invaluable information and guidance to all skill levels of writers who may attempt a simple composition, a more complex academic essay, or an advanced formal article. Chapter Four, "Classroom Management," reflects the knowledge and wisdom gained by myself as a successful generalist educator, ESL facilitator, and a TESOL / TEFL Teacher-Trainer. I have also researched, o

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Paperback: 234 pages

Publisher: Centerline (2012-06-12)

Dimensions (H L W): 53 x 900 x 600

ISBN: 0473209241

EAN: 9780473209247