TEFL Posters Pack: Grammar and Usage: Classroom Questions, and, How Much? How Many? ; Pronunciation: English Consonants, and, English Vowels (TEFL / ELT / ESL / ESOL Poster)

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By: Cathy Suzuki

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Product Description

The English Consonants and English Vowels posters are intended for pupils learning English, and introduce the consonant and vowel phonemes. Examples are given of each phoneme in context, as well as several examples of the ways in which each of these sounds can be written. 'How Much? How Many?' explains the distinction between the grammatical structures required for countable and uncountable nouns. Each form is shown in a real-life context, for example, 'There's a bit of meat in the freezer', and the concept of abstract nouns is also introduced. The 'Classroom Questions' poster is aimed at TEFL groups and demonstrates the use of basic classroom questions, such as "Could you repeat that please?" and "What does this word mean?"

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Paperback: 1 pages

Publisher: Schofield & Sims Ltd (1998-10-01)

Dimensions (H L W): 39 x 3031 x 2087

ISBN: 0721756549

EAN: 9780721756547