ESL Curriculum: Module 1 Part 1 Student Reader: Volume 1

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By: Ms. Daisy A. Stocker M.Ed. and Dr. George A. Stocker D.D.S.

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Module 1 Part 1 Student Reader: ESL CURRICULUM FOR BEGINNERS Second Edition ESL Curriculum is a publication of "Learning English with Laughter's Teen-Adult Series." There are four Modules in this series. This Student Reader is part of a series of the three books, Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide that comprise Module 1 Part1. Many of the exercises and activities will be incomplete if bought without the series - Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide. It is for English second language beginners aged 13 years and older. It has 38 pages for 20 lessons of approximately 90 minutes each. The availability of the Modules in two Parts allows schools, colleges and universities to provide books for half of each Module at a time. This allows flexibility in administering the program. THE STUDENTS DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOOK, CONSEQUENTLY IT CAN BE USED BY MORE THAN ONE CLASS. This allows schools that provide the books for their students to collect and re-issue them for the following semester. It also lets a student who has purchased the book, re-sell it to an incoming student. This Student Reader provides the introduction and explanation of all new grammar points as they are incrementally introduced. The following Grammar concepts are introduced in this Student Reader. They are then integrated and reinforced through large and small group oral activities, role-plays and written exercises in the Workbook and Teacher's Guide. - English names - Vocabulary - Subject pronouns - Possessive adjectives - Negative sentences with "to be" - Contractions of "to be" - Forming the negative of "to do" - Listening, understanding and oral reading - Informal introductions - Numbers 1 to 10 - Formal introductions - Negative contractions - Possessives -Reference of countries and nationalities - Preposition "in" - Greetings -Numbers to 100 - Spelling of singular and plural nouns - Contractions of auxiliary verbs with "not" - Using "some" and "any" - Collecting and recording information

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Paperback: 52 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2013-03-15)

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ISBN: 1482762706

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