ESL Teacher's Activities Kit Part Two

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By: Elizabeth Claire

Product Description

Part Two of the classic ESL Teacher's Activities Kit is chock full of Activities for teaching the "natural way." There are action games, songs and chants, finger games and hand-clapping games, jump rope games, ball-bouncing games, seat games and card games, all with objectives, ages, English levels, presentations, and sample conversations and sentence structures. This kit takes a teacher right to the heart of working with English language learners in the most engaging and effective ways, and gives the teacher the necessary wings to "wing it" without a textbook. From presentation to follow up, the teacher will find that English through activities allows for great learning through comprehensible listening, hands on and whole body participation, reading, and writing.

Product Details

Date: 2012-06-22

Media: Kindle Edition (123 Pages)

Label: Eardley Publications

Manufacturer: Eardley Publications

Language: English