Beginner ESL Lesson Plans for English Tutors: Section 1 (Inspired By English)

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By: Zhanna Hamilton

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Designed specifically with the freelance English tutor in mind, this guide provides 20 different lesson plans for beginner English learners. Packed with lesson plans, tutoring tips, examples and even homework assignments – this lesson plan guide is all you will need for the first 20 sessions with each student. The great part about investing in this guide is that it pays for itself after just one or two lessons with one of your clients.

You can continually use it with every new beginner student, while confidently knowing they will get the speaking, listening, reading and writing practice they need. The lessons can be tailored to fit your students’ specific needs - which means they will always be receiving the best possible individualized language instruction.

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Date: 2013-01-29

Media: Kindle Edition (112 Pages)



Language: English