The 5 Step Essay Writing Process: English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students (Academic Writing Skills)

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By: Stephen E. Dew

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The Practical 5 Step Essay Writing Process
English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students

Academic essay writing is an essential skill for universities, colleges, and other tertiary educational institutions. Moreover, English writing skills form a part of the assessment requirements of many courses at university, college, or even high school.

Academic essay writing is not a simple task, however, as a student, it is important for you to have the necessary practical essay writing skills, so you can get the best possible results for your essays. ESL Students must be determined because essay writing is one of the most important aspects of your university education. Basically, it alone determines the grade and final result of your degree.

Although, I wrote The 5 Step Essay Writing Process for my ESL Students, anyone such as an International student, high school student, undergraduate or graduate student, and even a mature age student can benefit from understanding and applying this practical 5 step essay writing process.

In conclusion, before you get into the "5 Step Essay Writing Process", it must be said that this essay writing guide is for people who are prepared to APPLY the process. That means do, not just say! As an International student, you must follow the 5 step essay writing process if you want become a more professional writer and receive better grades.

Apply your learning. Just don't be an academic, take action and you will write your way to a BA. It's all up to you, simply apply the learning and get the results you want by reading and follow "The 5 Step Essay Writing Process - English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students".

Do You Want to:

  • improve your grades?
  • look like a more professional writer?
  • become a faster, stronger, and more proficient academic essay writer?
  • show your classmates how easy English writing skills really are?
  • impress your professor at university or your lecturer in your regular English classes?
>˃˃ A proven practical 5 step essay writing process.
The book outlines the basic 5 steps for English essay writing using a proven practical essay writing process which includes:

1. Pre write
2. Organize
3. First Draft
4. Revise and Edit
5. Final Polish Version

As the book details a practical essay writing process, you will need to draw on the main points that are of interest to you and which you need to improve. This International students essay writing guide will help solve some of your practical English essay writing problems.

˃˃˃ Improve your basic English academic writing skills and knowledge.
In my experience, as a TESOL Instructor, It seems that many International students do not really practice the English writing process. In this book, you will discover how to create a successful academic essay for your professor.

˃˃˃ Featuring Downloadable check lists. Oh, and incidentally, as a bonus, there are some checklists and some graphics I have made downloadable, so you can use them to supplement your essay writing skills.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Best of luck,
Stephen E. Dew
Author and TESOL Instructor

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Date: 2013-09-14

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