Say it Better in English: Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life

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By: Marianna Pascal

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This popular ESL book is busy people who want to learn better English -- fast.

Learn the most useful American English expressions for work and everyday life. For example, expressions like: I'll double-check, within the hour, split the check, Can I put you on hold? -- plus hundreds more.

Cartoons show you how each expression is used in real-life situations. Two additional examples are offered for each expression. Over 50 fun crossword puzzles let you quiz yourself. Great for both individual self-study and as a supplemental text for ESL classroom use. Say it Better in English is currently being used by ESL and EFL students around the world -- in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Latin America!

Say it Better in English is clear, so I learn fast. - Li Zheng

I use these phrases at work every day. - Miguel Sanchez

I can remember and say these phrases easily. - Yuriko Hashimoto

I read this book for 3 minutes a day and I learn something useful. - Larisa Petrova

Product Details

Paperback: 367 pages

Publisher: Language Success Press (2007-06-04)

Dimensions (H L W): 100 x 830 x 550

ISBN: 0972530088

EAN: 9780972530088