2,000+ Essential English Verbs (ESL)

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By: Living Language

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Product Description

2,000+ Essential English Verbs is the only reference you need to master English verbs. This book will help you learn tenses, irregular verbs, usage, phrasal verbs, and even commonly used idiomatic expressions. Inside you'll find:
-More than 2,000 English verbs

-125 reference charts including all major tenses, with both regular and irregular forms

-Thousands of example sentences showing verbs in action

-40 lessons with clear explanations of tenses, modals, phrasal verbs, and more

-80 practice exercises

-An easy-to-use format for both quick reference and in-depth study
2,000+ Essential English Verbs also includes recent additions to English verbs, such as to text-message, to blog, and to dis, as well as appendices of essential verb usage lists (verbs followed by prepositions, verbs followed by gerunds, etc.) for additional easy reference.

Product Details

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: Living Language (2009-11-03)

Dimensions (H L W): 110 x 910 x 600

ISBN: 1400006554

EAN: 9781400006557