Themes in Arabic and Hebrew Syntax (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory) (Volume 53)

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By: J. Ouhalla and U. Shlonsky

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This collection spans diverse themes in the syntax of Arabic, Modern Arabic dialects and Hebrew. The original contributors are written by specialists with an eye to both broad theoretical and conceptual issues as well as empirical detail. The editors' introduction sets in Generative Grammar. Among the topics discussed in this collection are VSO and SVO, cliticization and agreement, questions and the syntax of wh-movement, cognate objects, adjectival Construct State , Though construction, Gapping, causatives, the syntax of negation and the semantics of the Nominal sentence. It is the only collection of its kind targeting theoretical linguists and specialists in Semitic language alike.

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Paperback: 327 pages

Publisher: Springer (2002-04-30)

Dimensions (H L W): 80 x 910 x 590

ISBN: 1402005377

EAN: 9781402005374