The Origins and Development of the English Language: Workbook

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By: John Algeo and Carmen Acevedo Butcher

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This companion to THE ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE supplements and enhances material presented in the main textbook. Chapter-by-chapter exercises help students master text material efficiently. A wide variety of topics, problems, and data gives instructors ample material for class discussion. The wealth of information in this workbook invites selective use and assistance with many aspects of the subject that a student may find challenging. For example, students can answer review questions that enrich their learning and they can work on exercises that help them become thoroughly familiar with the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Paperback: 272 pages

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing (2009-02-12)

Dimensions (H L W): 60 x 1080 x 840

ISBN: 1428231471

EAN: 9781428231474