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Grammarman comic

Online comics following the adventures of the world's first and only grammar superhero. The site also has quizzes, games, puzzles, free stuff to download and lots more.
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Comics in the classroom 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Brian Boyd, Sep 15 2006 11:50AM

Grammarmancomic is a site that aims to bring an element of fun to learning grammar. The site is easy to navigate, and Grammarman and friends are there to guide you around.

Perhaps one of the nicest features of the site, is the 'Student Gallery'. These comics have been made by students studying English at varying levels - from different parts of the world. Each comic has a comments feature at the bottom, allowing visitors to give feedback.

Finally, anyone feeling inspired to create their own comic can take part in the site's comic book webquest (find it in the 'free stuff' section).

To fluency ... and beyond!
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