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New Testing Section: Reading Comprehension

By Red5 on Nov 10, 2006 | | 18 Comments

We have just released a brand new Reading Comprehension section. This area contains a selection of text-based reading comprehension exercises, many of which are based on ESL examination questions including Cambridge ESOL, TOEFL, IELTS and other major exams.

New Site Updates for the New Academic Year

By Red5 on Aug 22, 2006 | | 0 Comments

We have made a number of improvements to over the last few weeks, some of which have gone unannounced. This is a summary of the main areas which we've added to or updated recently.

Upgraded: ESL Web Directory

By Red5 on Jun 5, 2006 | | 0 Comments

We have just upgraded and rebranded our ESL Web Directory, which now allows you to review sites and keep a personal list of bookmarks for your favourite sites. You can also subscribe to update newsletters for the whole directory, or for specific categories within it.

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New! - RSS Newsfeeds

By Red5 on Sep 25, 2005 | | 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that we've created a new page where you can access all of's RSS newsfeeds from one easy location. Simply go to the RSS Newsfeeds page and select the feeds you require. We've also added a number of additional feeds to those available.

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Links Database Audit

By Red5 on Sep 15, 2005 | | 0 Comments

We've just completed a full audit of our ESL links database. This basically means that we've now checked every single link in the database for broken links and 404 (page not found) errors. Where possible we have tried to update the listings with the correct url. Naturally enough, we were not able to correct all links and so it was necessary to remove about 100 broken links.

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Advance Warning - Site Membership Changes

By Red5 on Mar 19, 2005 | | 0 Comments

Soon, we will be moving to a single login system for which will give you access to all areas of the site. You will no longer have to register for the ESL forum and then register again for the Members' Area!

Comments in Blogs are Back!

By Red5 on Mar 7, 2005 | | 1 Comments

We've just enabled comments again in each of our blog areas (ESL Weblog, TDOL's Archive, Site Diary).

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Teacher Handouts - Categories

By Red5 on Feb 21, 2005 | | 0 Comments

We've just spent a good deal of time working on the ESL handouts that we provide. We decided that it needed a bit of an overhaul, and as a result we made a few changes.

Answers for ESL Quizzes & Handouts

By Red5 on Jan 3, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Just a quick note to say that we have now made answer sheets available for all of our ESL teachers handouts and their corresponding quizzes. :-)

Teachers' Handouts

By Tdol on Jul 28, 2004 | | 0 Comments

We have updated the ESL Teacher Handouts, Grammar Worksheets & Printables section. Firstly, we have added a considerable number of new English language quizzes to the section, both in the public and the members' areas.

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By Red5 on Nov 19, 2003 | | 1 Comments

I've just discovered that has recently been mentioned in a conference, the "Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar Annual Conference", July 25-26, 2003, in their "English Language Resources on the Internet: Sites for Sore Eyes" section.

New Members Area Content

By Red5 on Nov 18, 2003 | | 0 Comments

I've finally had a few moments spare to work on developing the first pages of real content for our members area.

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ESL Shop Downtime

By Red5 on Oct 24, 2003 | | 0 Comments

Our shop has been out of action for the last couple of days due to server issues which have now been resolved.

Review of Discovered!

By Red5 on Oct 15, 2003 | | 1 Comments

One day whilst searching Google I stumbled across a site called The Language Key, a monthly self-study business English magazine and language training centre in Hong Kong.