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Phrasal verbs

By Tdol on Mar 13, 2007 | | 1 Comments

We currently have a list of nearly two thousand phrasal verbs. The distribution of particles/adverbs/prepositions is, however, dominated by a very small number: the top six account for well over a half of the total. After that, the next few account for most of the rest of the list, and it tails off very quickly; phrasal verbs are dominated by a very small number of particles.

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Phrasal Verb Particles

By Tdol on Apr 6, 2006 | | 2 Comments

We have just updated the Phrasal Verb section of the site and it now automatically creates quizzes based on the definitions of the verbs. One of the types of quizzes uses the particles and, therefore, generates a list. We have over 1,400 phasal verbs, which is a fairly representative sample, and it is clear that a small number of particles dominate: up, out, on, off, in and down account for about 65% of the total. Here's the full particle list:

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Another year over

By Tdol on Dec 31, 2004 | | 0 Comments

We have reached the end of another year and have the following:

1781 links

438 polls

33 tests with 652 questions

190 public quizzes + 74 for members

746 idioms

280 glossary entries

Site forum: Threads: 9,396, Posts: 50,249, Members: 3,652

It will be interesting to see where we are a year from now.