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Big change

By Tdol on Aug 30, 2006 | | 1 Comments

I was reading a book about how people use the internet and it said that the average search length has gone from 1.1 to 2.8 words in the last few years. The numbers may not seem to represent such a huge change at first look, but the more I think about them, the more astonishing the change seems. I have also just finished teaching on a pre-sessional course in a university in the UK where I have taught for many years and there have been similar changes that display a very profound change as I see it.

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Rt/L1.2a, 3a, 5a; Rs/L1.1a; Rw/L1.2a

By Tdol on Sep 25, 2004 | | 6 Comments

The UK government has been plugging its ESOL curriculum for some time and the materials designed to accompany it are coming through now, and are even worse than I had imagined. Unit 1 of the Level 1 course, which is not beginner level, but high intermediate, starts with a unit on 'Life in the UK'.

Learn a Language in One Day

By Tdol on Sep 1, 2004 | | 8 Comments

I clicked on a Google advert on our site that offered the chance to 'Learn German in 1 Day'. While the claim is ridiculous, I was curious about the method that lay behind it. It is 'a revolutionary memory technique developed by world-renowned learning expert, Dr. Michael Gruneberg', though Google could only find a few hundred mentions of him. Like all miracle learning methods, it gives us a scientific gloss, here claiming to be 88% more effective in one study.

The basic technique is to use 'mnemonic image' to remember vocabulary items. An example given on the website is the Russian word for a cow- karova - and the suggestion is to imagine a car running over a cow.

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Word Frequency Tool

By Tdol on Dec 29, 2003 | | 3 Comments

We have added a Word Frequency Analyser in the Members' Area. You simply copy and paste the text you want analysed in the box and click Calculate Now! and the results will be displayed automatically. The first box will display the following information:

Total Word Count 59
Total Unique Words 45
Number of Sentences 4
Average Words per Sentence 14.8
Lexical Density 76.27%
Fog Index 5.90

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