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Random Polls

By Tdol on Sep 4, 2004 | | 0 Comments

We have now added random English language polls to the Teachers and the Handouts pages. Random polls will be displayed on the left of the pages when they are opened in the same way that they appear in Testing.

Polls Update

By Tdol on Jun 3, 2004 | | 0 Comments

We have updated the Polls section of the website.

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Polls are back!

By Red5 on Nov 1, 2003 | | 1 Comments

We have finally completed maintenance on our Poll section and it is now back online with a new look. :-)

Polls Problem

By Red5 on Oct 28, 2003 | | 1 Comments

Well I finally resolved the problem with our shop, as I stated earlier, and it's now up and running fully again (and slightly improved).

However, we've had some data files get corrupted in our polls area and so the entire thing is out-of-order! :-( I am currently asking our hosts to restore all of the data for the polls section from backup, and I'll let you know when it's up and running again.

Running a site is never a simple job, you know!

Opinion Polls

By Red5 on Aug 20, 2003 | | 0 Comments

We've added a new language poll section to the site, which contains numerous polls on various aspects of the English language and its use.

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