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Major Update to Phrasal Verbs

By Red5 on Mar 31, 2006 | | 0 Comments

The last couple of days have seen a massive change to the phrasal verbs reference area. Along with a new tabbed interface and improved navigation, we've updated the design of the pages and added loads of new features!

Quiz Results - Updated

By Red5 on Mar 25, 2006 | | 0 Comments

New features in the quiz results pages allow you to view relevant grammar topics and other similar quizzes.

New features include:

  • Categorised into grammatical topics
  • Links to related glossary items
  • Links to related quizzes

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Revamped Glossary Area

By Red5 on Mar 16, 2006 | | 0 Comments

We have just made a new version of the glossary live.

New features include:

  • Fully databased glossary
  • Categorised into grammatical topics
  • Links to related glossary items from the same topic
  • Links to related quizzes

New! - RSS Newsfeeds

By Red5 on Sep 25, 2005 | | 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that we've created a new page where you can access all of's RSS newsfeeds from one easy location. Simply go to the RSS Newsfeeds page and select the feeds you require. We've also added a number of additional feeds to those available.

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Answers for ESL Quizzes & Handouts

By Red5 on Jan 3, 2005 | | 2 Comments

Just a quick note to say that we have now made answer sheets available for all of our ESL teachers handouts and their corresponding quizzes. :-)

Online Quizzes

By Red5 on Sep 25, 2004 | | 1 Comments

Recently the online quizzes page has shown erratic behaviour when displaying the list of available quizzes. A few days ago I rewrote the display routine and this seems to have cured the problem.

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Printable Version

By Tdol on Aug 28, 2004 | | 1 Comments

The Printable Version button on the top right-hand of most pages on the site has stopped working temporarily. Our ISP has recently upgraded the PHP they use and this has affected a couple of areas of our site. At the moment the button brings up an error message, but we will be fixing it shortly. Also, in Handouts and Quizzes, the page doesn't always show all of the handouts available. To remedy this for the moment, simply refresh the page.

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Teachers' Handouts

By Tdol on Jul 28, 2004 | | 0 Comments

We have updated the ESL Teacher Handouts, Grammar Worksheets & Printables section. Firstly, we have added a considerable number of new English language quizzes to the section, both in the public and the members' areas.

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Temporary Disruptions to Quizzes & Handouts

By Red5 on Jul 13, 2004 | | 1 Comments

Due to a temporary loss of data from one of our databases, pages in the Language Quizzes and Teacher Handouts areas of the site have experienced errors. The data has now been restored, and both areas should now be back up and running again.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tests Integrated With Members Area

By Red5 on Dec 9, 2003 | | 3 Comments

Our Members Area now contains the testing section and a selection of new language exercises.

New Language Quizzes for Members

By Red5 on Dec 4, 2003 | | 0 Comments

I've just added another new section to the members area!

Quiz Archive
A growing selection of quizzes to test your knowledge of the English language

Opinion Polls

By Red5 on Aug 20, 2003 | | 0 Comments

We've added a new language poll section to the site, which contains numerous polls on various aspects of the English language and its use.

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