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What's Hot for Members?

By Red5 on Dec 3, 2006 | | 13 Comments

Just a quick note to say that we've just added a new area to our Members' Area. It shows statistics about what our members have been looking at, allowing you to see the most popular Members' Area content.

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Members' Text Analyser

By Red5 on Jan 18, 2006 | | 0 Comments

The members' area text analyser has had a major revamp, improving both the presentation and the functionality of the tool. Options to show/hide common words, show/hide descriptions and show/hide single-occurrence words

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Text Analyser - New Tool!

By Red5 on Jan 10, 2004 | | 3 Comments

Analyse Your Text For Free!


What Information Will I Get?

This tool will show you a basic statistical breakdown of your text including:

- Word Count
- Unique Words
- Number of Sentences
- Average Words per Sentence
- Lexical Density (what's this)
- Gunning Fog Readability Index (what's this)

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Text Analyser Enhancements

By Red5 on Dec 31, 2003 | | 0 Comments

I've just updated the Text Analyser and added some new features; now you can click on a word and get extended information about how it is used. For example:

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Word Frequency Analyser

By Red5 on Dec 28, 2003 | | 0 Comments

We have added a Word Frequency Analyser, which can be found in the Members' Area. All you have to do is copy and paste some text into the box and click on the Calculate Now! button.

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By Red5 on Dec 1, 2003 | | 2 Comments

During the month of November, 2003, enjoyed a record-breaking month with statistics being smashed in almost every area!

Site Statistics

By Red5 on Dec 1, 2003 | | 0 Comments

A public record of selected statistics about

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UsingEnglish Explodes!

By Red5 on Oct 7, 2003 | | 1 Comments

My role at UsingEnglish is mostly to do with the technical aspects of the site, including site design, maintenance, development and marketing. We started on February 18th 2002 and since then we have grown bigger and faster than we ever hoped to dream.

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