View Full Version : Using copyrighted texts in France (Monty Python, etc)

Tom Smith
01-Mar-2005, 16:00
I have an idea for a fun English class for continuing education people to study humorous texts taken from Monty Python and others, and also to study the rich humor of original blues music texts ("...could a matchbox hold my clothes?"!!!).

But I know I am looking at serious copyright infringement problems, even though we're not putting this stuff on stage.

Does anybody have an idea as to just how risky such a proposition is, or how I might go about gaining permission to use the texts (especially the Monty Python)?

Thanks :-?


02-Mar-2005, 04:15
This site has many of the scripts without any copyright details: http://www.intriguing.com/mp Try contacting them and checking. ;-)

Tom Smith
02-Mar-2005, 10:07
I have the texts, but that site is very interesting. If nothing else, perhapse I can contact them officially to see if I can gain permission.


03-Mar-2005, 04:52
I only suggested it because they were publishing openly without any copyright. ;-)

Tom Smith
03-Mar-2005, 08:52
I see! Yes, interesting point. Interesting that Python hasn't prosecuted, even if I can't imagine what harm that site is doing (au contraire!)

My situation is rather different in that I operate in a non-glamourours, but none the less competitive environment, as this class is a private (and therefore commercial) operation, offered to a paying public. Any of my competitors woudl be only too happy to denounce me to the authorities if they thought it would get me in trouble.

Paranoid? Maybe. But you'd be surprized how sleazy people are, and it's not worth all that work just to find yourself hassled and fined.


03-Mar-2005, 10:29
I'd email them to check.