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Fatter Than Harry
03-Apr-2005, 05:38
Hi All,

I was cruising the internet looking for inspiration and came upon this site, some fantastic resources available here, good job to you all

Ive just taken a job in China working for a large hotel company, being a quilo the first job given to me was to overhaul and update a pilfered English training manual and to implement a company training program for the million or so staff. :-o

The manual is standard hotel English but has transcripts like
I say old chap, how do you do?
Im chipper and tip top bristol fashion, fancy a spot of tiffin?

Ok, its not quite that bad, but its not far off. Would any of you know of any transcripts I could use that might be found on the internet? Id be happy to credit the source and share the fruits of my labour with you all. I know the purists will say write your own bloody transcripts, but Ive 300 odd pages to re jig and Im expending all my inspiration on creating activities for the students.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and kind regards,

03-Apr-2005, 11:51
What sort of transcripts are you looking for exactly? What levels, contents, etc?

Fatter Than Harry
04-Apr-2005, 11:38
I was really looking for some modern day transcripts, the stuff I have is just unusable English, would you call it conversational English? I did find lots of good stuff here: http://www.csun.edu/~hcedu013/eslindex.html which is mainly aimed at lesson planning for dummies, which is perfect! :-)

I must say the standard of English in China is very good, I've just arrived after a seven year stint in Thailand where their English was non existent outside of the tourist zones. Today at our new hotel, ninety new recruits were being drilled by Army Officers, we spent an hour in the canteen/classroom this morning teaching them English marching orders, which was funny as hell now It's the afternoon, but I was a bit scared this morning 8-)

I'm looking for all levels of English.

Thanks for your help,

04-Apr-2005, 21:02
Here's some hard core real English:

Or here for natural English:

Browse here:

Fatter Than Harry
05-Apr-2005, 02:40
Many thanks for that, a great help.

05-Apr-2005, 04:35
You're welcome.

Anything of use here?