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14-Apr-2005, 06:00
What techniques can be used to illustrate the meanings of words to students?

14-Apr-2005, 10:36
It depends very much on the level of the students, the number of the words, the aims, etc.

14-Apr-2005, 13:45
Well, i would suggest you a technique of 'guessing". When you pronaunce, mention a word, you may show it with your mimics or geastures. Use emotions.( but your students should understand of course you are not serious:-) )
Besides you may explain the words by means of context which these words are inserted into.
And since you have mentioned a word make it usage by you and by your students as often as possible. In different contexts and meanings.
Our teacher used pictures of colors and subjects when we were just starting to learn English (but as for me, I found it very difficult to remember). It was more effectivly when I could write down the meaning and than to imagine the subject.
Psychologists say perception and memory give the best results when we include all our sences in the process. Say if you explain the meaning of sweet you can offer to try a lump of suger, or solty - a crystal of solt... :-)
Actually this is up to your imagination and ethics of course!
Maybe this will help.