View Full Version : SanDiego Tesol Seminar in October

10-Sep-2003, 04:37
By any chance, does anyone know about the San Diego Tesol seminar in October held by Anaheim University? I heard David Nunan and Rod Ellis are lecturing and am really interested to attend. If any of you have more info or have ever attended a seminar with these professors can you give me some insights into what they were like?

Thanks in advance! :roll:

10-Sep-2003, 23:27
I'm afraid I cannot help on either question, but would be interested to hear if you go. ;-)

24-Sep-2003, 03:10
Okay will let you know how it goes after I attend. I think the course is going to be on Curriculum Development, which is an area I'm really interested in.

Anyway, thanks for replying. :)

24-Sep-2003, 18:20
Should I assume that you are an ESL teacher?

In any case, welcome to our forum.


26-Nov-2003, 03:37
I'm afraid I cannot help on either question, but would be interested to hear if you go. ;-)

Yup! Went to the forum in the beginning of this month and I must say, I had an excellent time. It was really interesting to listen to Professors David Nunan and Rod Ellis. They are indeed very different in their teaching styles but I can now see why they are world renowned linguists!! They bring a sense of humor, knowledge and professionalism to their classes as well as in the field of TESOL. Lots of students as well as teachers came from different universities, states and countries to join this session and I think it was really inspiring to get professional feedback to questions being asked. Teachers work in isolation for so long that it always helps to get some motivation as well as help from other experienced teachers. It was great! I can't wait till the next one next year!!! :lol:

26-Nov-2003, 10:44
I'm very gald you enjoyed it. Arte there any reports on the net opf the seminars, etc? If so, we could put up the links here. ;-)