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15-May-2005, 22:30
Give me please pages where I can find interesting reading for future engineers, administrator, accountants, lawyers, journalists and so on.


16-May-2005, 08:38

05-Jul-2005, 06:16
I want to be a english learner and Professional

17-Jul-2005, 07:04
Thanks to the Editor for the links

I really appreciate it.

Now, I have a question, is it possible to find a link where you find the specialized interesting readings and then their corresponding reading comprehension exercises, you know, questions, vocabulary, completion exercises and so on.

I think I am asking too much.

Well, anyway, thank you very much.


18-Jul-2005, 10:40
I honestly don't know of specialised ones like that. I'm afraid there are a lot of general ones.

19-Dec-2007, 23:16
Hi, I hope this is the right section to post in.
I've recently made a new friend, a young Mexican girl (17) from my neighborhood, my Spanish is not so good but I speak a lot more Spanish than my new friend speaks English. I need as many good printable free resources as I can find on the internet for Spanish/English. I greatly appreciate any help. I am learning more Spanish in the meantime. I wish there was some kind of program that linked local people together for a sort of language exchange. I have been trying to contact local churches to find out if a thing like that exists. Where else can I look? Do orginizations like this exist? I currently live in SC where there is a massive Mexican population explosion and no "services" for them that I am aware of.

I can only change the world a little at a time, so I start with one person at a time.

Thank You, Kathy