View Full Version : Bottom-up versus Top-down Processing

18-Jun-2005, 20:02
hello , ..

how could i apply these two stratigies in desgining activities for receptive skills " listening / reading" ?

is there any sites that you would recommend regarding this issue?


20-Jun-2005, 15:42
You might want to look at exercises at http://www.esl-lab.com/ and http://www.englishlistening.com/
The second one requires a membership, but I have used their free "samples" for listening practice, since the text is also available.

20-Jun-2005, 16:24
thanks alot dear SJN... i really find those websites really usefull....but i really wonder is there any way i could download those audio files in the first site so i can use them in the classroom...!!

thanks again ...

20-Jun-2005, 17:02
The audio sources files off these web sites are protected, I believe, against downloading.
I have taped some of the shorter excerpts using an inexpensive tape recorder. Granted, the quality left something to be desired, depending on your computer's sound system. I have also made many of my own tapes from readings, and enlisted friends to read short scripts (such as messages left on answering machines) so that students heard voices other than my own.

21-Jun-2005, 04:22
If you want downloadable listening files, try here: http://www.elllo.org/ ;-)