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29-Jun-2005, 18:52
Dear, Teacher,

How long will I feel any results of the listening practice?

I have easiness to read and write sentences but to listen I get some words at the sentence but not the whole.

I am watching TV channels of series and news. Is that kind of channels properly?

Best Regars, Gustavo.

30-Jun-2005, 12:12
TV and radio are fine, but it's hard to check your own comprehension, unless you record it. For listening, try www.elllo.org. ;-)

02-Jul-2005, 18:44
www.esl-lab.com is also a useful site.

02-Jul-2005, 19:26

Thanks for your reply.

The site is full of quizzes but I am trying to play the Audio and I receive a file with ram extension.

It is unrecognizable by my Windows Explorer. Should I need to install an software to play it?

Thanks, Gustavo.

02-Jul-2005, 20:03
Hi, gfehse,
I use Mozilla Firefox instead of Explorer. Anyway, they say it is better.
And on my computer RealPlayer opens those files.
I hope it'll help. Tell me the result. ;-)

03-Jul-2005, 10:58
They'll open in IE as well, but gfehse will have to install Real Player first. ;-)

04-Jul-2005, 00:58
Hi, Teacher,

Yes! You and Alice are correct. The Windows XP identified it as a Real Audio Meta file. The installation of Real Player solved my problem.

Thanks, Everyone.

04-Jul-2005, 05:44
I hope it's worthwhile after all this. ;-)