View Full Version : Resources for teachers of English to speakers of Polish

04-Jul-2005, 03:41
I am seeking materials to use in teaching English verbs to an immigrant from Poland.

04-Jul-2005, 06:00
When you say 'teaching verbs', what exactly do you mean? If you mean as vocabulary, any translating dictionary will do it. If you mean in terms of grammar and usage, it's different. What level is the student? ;-)

05-Jul-2005, 00:37
Thank you for responding to my query.
The student is a rank beginner in English, new to this country(USA).
I am not seeking grammar, but rather a list of basic verbs with their Polish equivalents in order to allow such a person to travel locally, to comprehend
requests to perform household chores and to make simple purchases.
I could construct such a list in time and look up their Polish translations, but I
thought that such lists might already exist and be known to those whose profession is teaching ESL.
BTW, who or what is todl?

05-Jul-2005, 06:13
:lol: I wanted the english learners. :-D So, What can I do for you?

05-Jul-2005, 07:29
Would this site help? http://www.angielski.edu.pl/

05-Jul-2005, 07:32
Or this? http://www.anglorama.com.pl/