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01-Oct-2003, 18:25
I am interested in understanding the most effective way to teach the english language to ESL students. What types of products have you discovered to be effective or what do you wish would exist to aid in instruction? Help! Any input will be appreciated.

01-Oct-2003, 20:10
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Teaching English Games
19-Aug-2006, 05:17
Hi kenzmom,

I am replying to this post as I do specialise in exactly that area - fun english games for children aged 4-12. You can sign up to receive some games free on the site below.
As far as photocopiable resources these can be life savers, and I do provide some free printable things with the free games too. However I also believe that teachers often photocopy far more than they need, and with some imagination, a few pictures and a class board one simply does not need to do hundreds of photocopies of activity sheets, which take the children 2 minutes to fill in.

Kind regards
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