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16-Jul-2005, 00:40
Hey, I am teaching an ESL class for beginners. We have hit a roadblock with the words;Some, So, About, and Would.

If anyone has any ideas that haveworked, post them please.

16-Jul-2005, 15:49
Where are they from? Can you narrow the problems down a bit- with 'about', say, is it in the sense of 'approximately'? Are they not getting the meaning or using them wrongly?

18-Jul-2005, 16:09
In my class, I have students from Poland, Japan, Columbia, Southern Mexico, and Northern Mexico. The students have trouble understanding the meaning of the words WOULD and SO. They have trouble using the words SOME and ABOUT. They caught on to the distance meaning of ABOUT and have trouble with "what the story is about."

Even when I give physical examples with my aide on 'would' they have not caught on.

In the class, we have reviewed the first one hundred most frequently used words and these are the only ones that we are having trouble with. This is a hard working and diverse group. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

19-Jul-2005, 04:11
Are you using the 100 most frequently used words as a basis for the lessons?

With something like 'would', with a beginner class, try breaking it down into basic uses, like polite requests, probably the easiest way to get the politeness idea across. It shouldn't be too difficult to get the idea that 'would you pass me that book?' is politer than 'pass me that book', and you can illustrate different relationships to show where different requests would be more acceptable. With the unreal present and unlikely future concepts, I'd firstly wonder whether they need them if they are struggling with certain basic concepts like 'about'. But if you wish to teach them, then separate them and teach them apart. Give them a situation where they are 100% clear about the current facts, then show them how we can use 'would' \to imagine things about now- I'm not at home, not reading a book, but if I was/were at home, I would...

'So' has different uses, so break it down intosmaller parts- so + adjective/adverb that..., so + reason. 'So' gets tested right up to very advanced levels, which will make itvery difficult to cover all uses. Therefore, I'd concentrate on a couple of the easier ones.

Claire Redfield
22-Sep-2005, 16:03
i will give you sentences which contain theses words ;

would you like to open the door please ?

can you give me some tea please ?

i'm from K.S.A so, i'm Saudi .

can you tell me something about your personal life ?