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14-Sep-2005, 19:17

I'm a newcomer teacher of English and I'm going to give a lecture on "Hairdressing & Skin Care/Beauty Salon English" at a vocatioanal high school. I'm planning to make use of sample dialogues in the lessons for the students to gain practice. If anybody could give me any addresses on the internet about the subject, I would be grateful.

Thanks already!

15-Sep-2005, 12:05
I'm afraid I've never seen anything on that subject. ;-(

Nordic Bill
15-Sep-2005, 12:29
I have a section in my notes on hairstylist/barber jargon and phrases. It's just a word document. Is there a place where I could send it?

15-Sep-2005, 15:05
Thanks a lot for your support. My e-mail address is: epersembe@gmail.com. I would be grateful if you could post the document to me.

Nordic Bill
19-Sep-2005, 18:11
Hi again,

Did the Word-document make it through to you without any problems? I was a little concerned about the size of the mail.


20-Sep-2005, 18:48
hi bill,

I haven't received any e-mails from you (at least i think so!)

I would be grateful if you could send me the document again. would you mind?


my other mail adresses are: persembe@hotmail.com

Nordic Bill
20-Sep-2005, 19:32
Hi persembe,

I'm glad you let me know. I sent this to you late last week, so I was beginning to wonder when there was no word from your end.

I have just sent you the document again - a copy to each of the two additional e-mail addresses you provided, so do let me know if that fails and we'll figure out something else.


Claire Redfield
23-Sep-2005, 13:55
sorry, but this is the first time i've heared about it :-(

Nordic Bill
14-Nov-2009, 01:05
I'm a little confused. I sent that document off to you literally years ago. Probably around 2006.

If you want to provide your most recent e-mail address, I'll dig through my documents to see if I can find it to resend. I don't recall ever deleting it.

Take care,

Nordic Bill
14-Nov-2009, 01:11
Sorry - I may be responding to this incorrectly. I just received an e-mail advising me to look at this thread again. I don't see any requests for help or teaching materials so I'll close it here. (Can't seem to delete my last response - sorry if this is causing any confusion).