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14-Sep-2005, 19:55
Just after you were born, how did your parents teach you your native language? Did they:

1. Conduct phonics drills with you?

2. Have you repeat words and phrases until you repeated them correctly?

3. Utilize flash cards with words on them for you to yell out as you viewed them?

4. Have you listen to voice coaches on tape?

5. Did they just talk to you on a continuing basis in their normal voices and expect that at some point you would understand (total immersion)?

If you chose number 5 you are correct. No matter where you are from, or whatever your native language, you learned it by total immersion. What makes you think that you can learn English well enough to pass the TSE by just studying answers that were created by a TSE "preparer" or "reviewer"? You need to start your studies off by total immersion, then you need to review correct pronunciations and intonations. Later on you need to familiarize yourself with the test "construction" so that you are not surprised at the types of questions put to you.

Any time used for practicing pre-developed answers, or concentrating on developing knowledge so that you can develop "intelligent" answers is time that is wasted from the key ingredient = total immersion in English.

Why would you utilize any other methods than the wonderfully effective technique used to develop your abilities with your native language?


15-Sep-2005, 12:07
What about the student who can't access total immersion? It might be the most effective way, but it is certainly not available everywhere.