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11-Oct-2005, 05:20
Hi everybody. I am an English Teacher from Turkey. I have founded a google group named " English Teachers". And from all around the world teachers have been participating in our group. Even though it s a new group we have got more than 80 members for the time being. And the number is increasing day by day. Almost all members are English Teachers or people who are dealing with the language. We discuss some methods, techniques, and share what we know or what we have in our hands. If you want to be one of the newest members please send me an email telling about you. I thank you for reading my words. And wishing you bests of lucks with your works....Nurullah Oktem (Founder of English Teachers group)

15-Oct-2005, 20:07
Hi I am an English teacher from Ecuador. Great idea to create this group. Ihave many questions about teaching and this group can help me. I have two emails:

You can write to any one of these.
I hope to know very soon about you.

08-Nov-2005, 23:14
Hi there,
I am an English teacher from Izmir, Turkey.I really liked the idea about being a member of a group of my colleagues. I'd like to meet and share thoughts/recent methods on teaching with other teachers from all over the world!
Hope to join that group soon!

30-Nov-2005, 01:03
My name is Ahmed, i'm a teacher of English in Morocco, the idea is very good, i'm very interested to be one of the members very soon.

30-Nov-2005, 05:05
HI, every body, I am a student from Hanoi University of Foreign Study, Vietnam. I would like to become a member of English Teacher Club in order to share my mind as well as learn more about English skills to become a good English teacher.
May I become a member of your club? I am very interested to be one of the members soon. Thank you.

30-Nov-2005, 16:49
my name is sivan from israel and i'm going to be an english teacher.
i would be glad to take part in your gruop.

all the best

01-Dec-2005, 06:31
Dear members
To join our group please write a short email tellngi about yourself. Here is my e-mail address:

01-Dec-2005, 09:32
Would people posting emails in this thread please note that we delete public emails. People can communicate through private messages, which does not make addresses public. Public emails are a security risk, so we delete them when we see them.

05-Dec-2005, 23:27
I tried to join your club but wasn't able to find it. Is the the exact name? There were some with similar names.

06-Dec-2005, 06:09
Our group is now on google. It is called "English Teachers". We have more than 80 members from all over the world. It is Google's top english teachers group now. To find our group enter google groups and search for "english teachers". See you

28-Dec-2005, 10:00
Sounds interesting- I'll look it up:lol:

28-Dec-2005, 11:39
Sounds interesting- I'll look it up:lol:
Visit this link for more information

28-Dec-2005, 14:53
Thanks-I was wondering where to find you! I'll take a look and let you know what I think of it:up: