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18-Oct-2005, 06:25
Hi there:

My name is Arlene and I live in Oregon.

I'm not a teacher per se, but I've consented to attempt to teach English to a Korean girl who is staying with a local family to attend high school here. She is pretty sharp and can read and write English pretty well (she's been taught it since third grade in Korea) but speaking it is another story.

Just now I am having trouble explaining why we do not say, "I run to the store" but Instead say, "I will run" or "I am running..." Aside from the "will" or the "ing" when preceding or attached to a verb indicating tense, time, how else can I explain it? Surely there are sites I can go to to read about it? I haven't looked hard enough yet I guess.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


20-Oct-2005, 13:42
Welcome. :hi:

"run" is present tense, and present tense expresses a fact, a habit or a routine. For example,

I watch TV in the evenings. (fact and routine)
I dislike fermented bean paste. (fact)
I go to the movies once a month. (fact and routine)
I run to the store when I'm out of ice-cream; i.e., I crave ice-cream. (fact)
I run to the store every morning; i.e., I like to jog. (fact and routine)

20-Oct-2005, 17:48
you use present progressive tense( be + verb +ing) for two reasons: 1) to explain progression 2) to tell near future(which is not planned before)
so you dont want to tell that you run to the store generally(you might do that or not), the thing you want to tell is that you will go to the store soon or you are on your way of going to the store. my first language is not english so i am just giving a try for the topics. my english is not so good, so mines are just suggestions.

21-Oct-2005, 20:06
Thank you for your help.

21-Oct-2005, 20:09
you are very welcome

21-Oct-2005, 20:09
Thank you for your help. :mrgreen:

21-Oct-2005, 20:12
why do you say it two times? the first one is not for me? for casiopea?:(( i know he is better but at least i gave it a try:(