View Full Version : Articles for the `Advanced Table' please

John M
17-Nov-2005, 05:01

I'm John. I live in Japan and have taught Eikaiwa for just over 2 years.

One of my part-time jobs is a once a week gig at a community centre.

I've been there for a year and I'm running out of fresh ideas or more to the point, actual articles for the advanced table.

Usually, articles that will keep the advanced table in a discussion for about an hour and a half. (about 8 people)

Do you have any articles please that you could email me or show me so that I can print them off. They tend not to be too interested in other world events as such, so preferably articles about things they can relate to in some fashion.

After a year with the same group, I'm feeling like I'm lacking, so some fresh articles from some of you could probably really benefit.

If you can advise, please refer me to actual articles that I can print off (Newspaper/magazine etc.) That is what they request as opposed to me posing my own questions etc.

Thank You for any advice.

Maybe we can share articles - I have a fair few I have used and can email to people.

I have used the library on a few occasions and brought home magazines etc. I'm hoping some of you have some more convenient resources also.



27-Aug-2006, 11:30
Have you tried National Geographic? Scientific American? "The Smithsonian" is good too.

(Your English is excellent.)