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02-Dec-2005, 16:14
Please help tell me the pros and cons of collaborative learning (group work) and how can i intergrate it in classroom.


02-Dec-2005, 20:04
I think that one very important advantage is that students feel less anxious when they're being helping by a peer. But that may vary form culture to culture. I ask students to compare their answers with a peer, for example, before commenting on the correct answers. That's just one way. There are many more I use.

03-Dec-2005, 03:09
Dear Anacas,

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03-Dec-2005, 09:29
One disadvantage is that it is harder to monitor. ;-)

05-Dec-2005, 21:45
also, students who are not active or shy...may depend on their peers and therefore, they learn less. This is just an example from my class. It needs to be context-dependent.;-)