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04-Dec-2005, 18:15
Welcome to practice speaking English with Marry Hofstetter free of charge.
Lessons are passing on Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. GMT after registration:
In the end of registration form you should mark:
«#@#speaking practice with Marry#@#»
Don’t forget mark you e-mail.
You must have computer with Internet and microphone.
You’ll take all additional instruction after registration on your e-mail.
Marry is English speech therapist. She could make your English better after several lessons.
We invite teachers for realization developed by us or the own rates adapted under remote training. Direct your offers and the resume on or fill in the http://www.zibycom.com/members/002436239/Site4/q_t_en.html
In the Note form you should mark
«#@#speaking practice with Marry#@#»

04-Dec-2005, 20:09
Sounds like a clever idea. :) You can learn alot by talking with people who actually know the language. But how come it's free of charge? I don't think I'd dare..xP *coward*.

04-Dec-2005, 20:55
It will be look like conference throught yahoo messenger for example. And it will be free of charge at first. If you are intererested, you shold pass registration:

with best wishes

05-Dec-2005, 05:37
We are happy for you to put up a link here, but we don't allow multiple postings of links and remove all emails when we see them as they encourage spammers to farm the forum.