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05-Dec-2005, 23:17
I just wrote this letter but I think I sent it to the wrong place...

I found some interesting dice games at http://www.koplowgames.com/ A set of dice with the questions who, what, where, why , when and how printed on them. Does anyone know of some games these can be used for in groups? Can anyone lead me to a site with games of this nature?
Thank you
Cynde in Finland

08-Dec-2005, 01:21
I would probably pair the Wh-di with another actualy di and let the students play a board game on any snakes and ladders type game board. They would roll both dice and if it comes up what and 4 they have to ask someone a what question and then they get to move ahead 4 spaces.

You don't really need a wh-di. You can just assign a wh-woed to numbers and when it comes up the students must use that word in a question.

So if the student rolls 3-2, they would make a question with why and move ahead 2 spaces.

websites with games:
http://www.mes-english.com FREE games, flash cards, projects. no registration/no spam
www.eslhq.com free worksheet creator and clipart but you have to register
www.eslcity.com free but you have to register

I hope that helps.