View Full Version : Grammarman - a new hero in town!

Brian Boyd
16-Dec-2005, 19:50
Dear Teachers

I've created Grammarman - a comic strip which aims to bring some fun into the classroom. I hope students will find the stories and puzzles engaging.

I've just finished a website to support the strip. There are free downloads, clipart, puzzles, reading materials, games and lots of other stuff to see and do - all free.

Have a look: http://www.grammarmancomic.com

You're welcome to use this material in the classroom, or perhaps you could pass the site's URL on to your students for some self-study in their free time?

Thanks for reading this


17-Dec-2005, 05:35
I have added the URL to our Links Database. ;-)

Brian Boyd
17-Dec-2005, 06:17
Thanks! The site's brand new so I'm trying to drum up a bit of traffic.

17-Dec-2005, 08:34
You're welocme, Brian. Best of luck. ;-)