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18-Dec-2005, 18:27
I would like your opinion regarding the Trinity College London TESOL certificate from a professional point of view.
I am English and I live in Spain.

19-Dec-2005, 05:01
The Trinity course is well-known and respected. It depends on what you plan to do long-term. It is internationally known, ut the CELTA is probably more widely known. ;-)

19-Dec-2005, 14:56
Hello, tdol,

My long-term plan is to teach in one of the many academies here in **** where I live. I would also like to continue studying English after TESOL.


19-Dec-2005, 15:56
In Spain, it should be fine- it's a well-known qualification. Afterwards, the chpices to me would be the Dip or an MA. ;-)

19-Dec-2005, 20:04
Thanks very much for your opinion:up:
I'll let you know how I get on.


20-Dec-2005, 02:27
All the best. ;-)

06-Mar-2006, 16:58
Well, I finally decided to do the CELTA course.
The interview lasted for between 30 and 40 minutes and was based on the application/questionnaire that I submitted.
For those of you who are about to apply for CELTA take my advice and take your time with the questions in the grammar test. During the interview you will be asked how you would teach the questions to your students, so be prepared!
I won't be starting the course for a while so I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on my English grammar!

06-Mar-2006, 18:00
All the best with the course. Don't hesitate to ask things here. ;-)

03-Jun-2006, 10:55

I finished the course a few weeks ago, and my opinion, 'stay away from CELTA'.

-The whole method seemed pointless and unproductive.
-Old fashioned teaching method.
-Repetition of the same old materials. I've got a large folder FULL of useless handouts!
-Unclear instructions. We were never very sure what we had to do nor when they wanted it.
-LOTS of pointless paperwork and very little teaching practice.
-Teachers were very contradictive when it came to commenting on pratical lessons.
-NO clear plan/objective. Teachers seemed to do what suited them.
-Egoistic teachers.

CELTA came across to me as a 'money spinner', and the teachers were just going through a 'well oiled routine' with there eyes shut.

Anyway, I got the certificate, for what it's worth.


04-Jun-2006, 04:41
I think you make some good points about the course, but the certificate is still widely recognised and a good way of getting jobs around the world. I am surprised when I see people doing the course here still asking questions about the same seventies alternative methods that were discusased when I started, even though these methods have largely gone away. It does need updating, and it's sad that many find the training demotivating, which gets them off to a bad start. ;-)