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22-Dec-2005, 17:36
Hello Dears!
Pls, kindly advise what movies can be chosen to teach interracial relations in the US? I've come across "Do the Right Thing". Is that one good and are there any others?
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25-Dec-2005, 08:36
How about 'Malcolm X'?

Brian Boyd
27-Dec-2005, 02:50
What about the film 'O' which is a modern retelling of Shakespeare's 'Othello'?

The movie 'falling down' has plenty to discuss regarding race. The movie itself received criticism, claiming it was racist - but racism was one of the issues the film's maker was trying to address.

The British comedy show 'Little Britain' can provide you with loads of short scenes that deal with inter-racial relationships.

04-Jan-2006, 20:20
American History X, it's a masterpiece. Great plot, great cast. This movie is definitely one of my favourites. I saw it in school as well, when I was in the seventh year of secondary.

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29-Jan-2006, 10:15
hi yeniao...:-D

I didn't see American History X, But my sister told me it's Amazing movie...:up:

So I guess it's will help you..;-)

Thanks Johan [@CLT]

02-Feb-2006, 22:23
Another great director (British) is Ken Loach. His movies are more alternative, but as far as I'm concerned they are great! AE Kiss is one of them. The majority of his movies is about daily issues, society on the whole.
If you are not going to use one in class, it's always worth watching one when you are putting your feet up :-)

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05-Feb-2006, 19:05
Thank u all so much for your advice! I watched American History X today and found it very impressive! I'm going to watch other movies as well and would appreciate your help.