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Sean Dolier
11-Jan-2006, 11:13
Hi all,

I live and work in Thailand and I have now been asked to teach 3 ladies privately. All 3 have the same goal as they have a business (hairdressing and grocery store) and have an increasing western clientele. They do not speak ANY English.

I have so far only taught in schools with no absolute beginners. Can anybody suggest Lesson plans and ideas for my Thai absolute beginners?

Thank you in advance.


11-Jan-2006, 15:18
Hey friend,
oops, There's a series of a book which are adored by me. The series is New American Streamline. That's really incredible perfect. 8-)

12-Jan-2006, 04:54
Given that you know what they need the language for, you can base the lessons around their specific needs. I'd kick off with greetings, then move onto questioons that they would need- can i help you, is there anything you're looking for, payment methids, etc. ;-)

Sean Dolier
13-Jan-2006, 12:41
Thank you so far...

Word has spread and I have 2 new students... One is going to the USA in about 6 weeks and the other has a boyfriend visiting from Europe in 2 weeks. Both know very little English.

I am in demand with Thai ladies... Have I died and gone to heaven??? :-D

14-Jan-2006, 07:33
I've only visited Bangkok, but I think you may well have. ;-)

16-Jan-2006, 17:03
;-) Hi, i have been to thailand several times by my mind many of them speak english as they learn it at school and their seconde language is english ,but for teaching the beginners the best way is the teacher can explain in their language, right !

04-Feb-2006, 14:59
Hi, I am new to the forum. I am a former school teacher. I now live in Romania but I am from USA. I have done some teaching EFL/ESL and I am a student myself (learning Romanian). The best way to learn is by living in a country where you must learn the language. Since that can't happen for these ladies, I would start with the basics like a previous post stated. I would also use visuals and objects to help teach. You might want to look up info on the internet on a way of teaching called TPR Total Physical Response. It is a lot of work and takes time to learn and teach. Many people want instant results. I know I wish I could speak Romanian fluently. I am teaching one young lady now. I am not only teaching her the basic first lessons, but I am also teaching phonics to her so she can also learn to read English. It all just takes a lot of work for you and the student.

08-Feb-2006, 16:57
;-) Hi, you are right! the best way for learning language is going to the country where you want to , and pratise it,as it's an advantage for getting used to speak a foreign language.

15-May-2006, 09:15
Hi, I go to Thailand about 4 times a year. I will be there in June.I have been teaching University for 3 years in South Korea; a women's university. Anyway, I am always impressed at how quickly the Thais seem to pick up on the language. I think those working in the tourist industry learn fast because they constantly hear it and are challenged to use it.

I would get some relia. Perhaps go to a salon and take pictures of stuff and use it as part of your lesson. Teach them what they need to know for their
prospective trades and the conversational bits they will pick up and develop. Can discuss more with you over a beer. Will be there June 4th

16-May-2006, 23:58
Hi,that's good, you 'll be there in june, Great! you can give your teaching there for thais people but english is their second language so i think , you 'll achieve your teaching and enjoy your journey there!,,, bye,,,,,,,,:-D

17-May-2006, 21:41
Going for holidaynot for teaching

18-May-2006, 21:14
;-) Hi, oh! u go just for holidays and u have been there afew times too, right !
I have been there for several times as well and i think ,it's a nice place for holidays especially is the beach and its low currency as it 's worth for spending and shopping there.