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04-Mar-2006, 01:21
Hi I'm teaching a whole bunch of 4 to 5 year old kids in Tokyo on Saturday mornings. So far I have only done 5 lessons with them. I don't have so much experience teaching kids this age so it has been a learning experience for me. What I've been teaching them is basically A to E, greetings, My name is, colors, thank yous, you're welcome and some animals and 1 to 10 (that's about it so far)

I want to incorporate some music next lesson as well.
I would like to get a really good routine going where we can revise previous lessons and warm up and set up for a good lesson. Seen as I don't have much experience teaching kids this age I would appreciate any advice on how to make a good routine something they would do maybe during the first 10 mins and maybe the last 10 mins or so. thanks

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04-Mar-2006, 14:08
I've sometimes used the game Simon Says on young children. You probably know the game: the children have to do everything Simon says, but nothing else:

"Simon says, 'Stand up.'" (Children stand up)
"Simon says, 'Clap your hands.'" (Children clap hands)
"Jump up and down." (Children do nothing, because Simon didn't say)

It's fun trying to catch the children out, and over the weeks you can gradually increase the repertoire of commands they should (or should not) follow.

04-Mar-2006, 18:30
Have a look here (a couple of the sites are Japan-oriented)

06-Mar-2006, 12:35
thanks. im gonna try some of those links. Simon says is good will use when i move onto body parts :up:

07-Mar-2006, 05:38
I have heard good things about the MES site in that list, but don't teach kids so don't know personally. ;-)

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20-Mar-2006, 12:29
Hi ...

you can use some avenues instructional , We are Know the kids love the learn with some fun :-D

I hope I can more your help ..... :-)

Good Luck ....