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Brian Boyd
08-Mar-2006, 06:36
Hi Teachers

I've added Captain Spectre comic to my site at http://www.grammarmancomic.com

You can use it online with your students, or download and print the PDF file.

I've included a suggested lesson plan for you, but if anyone comes up with some imaginative ways to exploit the comic in the classroom, please pass your notes on to me (and I'll add them to the site for toher teachers to use!).

Thanks - hope your students enjoy the comic.


08-Mar-2006, 10:25
Wow! that is some orsome artwork for your comic you have done!

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Brian Boyd
08-Mar-2006, 11:28
Glad you liked it Patsensei

I should point out - only the art in Grammarman comic is mine. The beautiful art in Captain Spectre is by a guy named Tom Floyd ... he very kindly offered to let me use his strip on my site.