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09-Mar-2006, 04:40
Having studied and having taught ESL for a number of years, I have written a program designed for ESL teachers. It allows communicative activities and vocabulary activities to be quickly and easily created and managed.
It includes the ability to create information gap activities, word searches, crosswords, interview games, gap-fills, bingo worksheets, and much more.
It also includes access to a shared database of materials written by other ESL teachers.
An evaluation copy can be downloaded from my website at:
Thank you for your time.

10-Mar-2006, 18:50
looks interesting... But the thing with paying is that... you've got to pay! And nowadays the freeware community is growing and quality softwares are available:

I regularly use hotpotatoes with which you can create a variety of exercises, print some (crosswords, cloze...):http://hotpot.uvic.ca/

there also is Netquiz, although it is in French: published by the Canadian center for teaching research.. or something: http://www.ccdmd.qc.ca/ri/netquizpro/

and for crosswords a good one is eclipse: http://www.greeneclipsesoftware.com/eclipsecrossword/

This is for general information, I'm not trying to deter any potential buyers from getting your soft. :oops:
Especially that your soft is more focused on producing classroom materials, whereas the softs I quoted are more for multimedia integration.


14-Mar-2006, 11:07
that looks really good! Question can I import some pictures in gif or jpg format into that software?
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