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12-Apr-2006, 06:02
How do I make my institute more interesting and attract students. I have one in Tehran, Iran.(Qeshm Language Centre)

13-Apr-2006, 07:11
What approach are you taking at the moment? How are you advertising?

17-Apr-2006, 20:08
some leaflets and few ad on newspaper.i want to learn on marketing

21-Apr-2006, 14:34
You might want to look at services you can provide that schools around you don't. That's what I did.

I made a homepage with interactive games to provide as a service to my students. The homepage itself is a big draw, but it looks even better with free benefits for joining my school. Especially when no one around has anything like it.

There are many things similar to this that you can do. It may take some time and energy but it's worth the investment.

My advice is to think about what the people would like and can you provide them something they want or need for free or reasonably low price.

23-Apr-2006, 04:33
Thanks alot for your advice.
I will try and see if it works.