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25-Apr-2006, 00:09
how can reading enhance or develop other skills?

25-Apr-2006, 05:44
It exposes learners to a lot of vocabulary and develops skills in guessing meaning from context. It exposes them to sentence and text patterns that are used by native speakers, so it can them help them write better. And more. ;-)

26-Apr-2006, 23:21
how can reading enhance or develop other skills?

How about the

Appreciation of sentence structure.
Communication between author and reader.
Development of words in context and how syntax

30-Apr-2006, 19:00
can u elaborate more on that because i need detail info about that topic . Can u plz

30-Apr-2006, 19:26
I have noticed that when students reads quietly, they understand more than when reading loudly.
When reading loudly, they tend to concentrate more on the pronunciation and intonation, but when reading silently, they concentrate more on the gist of the sentences.

Reading silently doesn't help with pronunciation though, but it does help, as tdol said, to expose them to new sentence structures, which helps them recognise how native speakers use the language.

Reading loudly helps with the fluency and pronunciation of new words.

Reading, therefore, enhances the skills of pronunciation, fluency, intonation, sentence structure, and learning new vocabulary.

30-Apr-2006, 20:02
thats a great info iam so thankful to u , but really istill need deatiled info about that take care

07-May-2006, 09:48
how can reading enhance or develop other skills?

Reading is the key to understanding English and developing new vocabulary. Unless one can actualy read English there ability to aquire English is severly limited.

They must be tought the alphabetic code so that thay can decode words and learn to pronunce them. If they learn by sight only there vocabulary is limited to only about 2,000 words if they know the alphabetic code their vocabulary is unlimited.

Teach them the sounds represented by the alphabet and their combinations so that they can learn to read and speak effortlessly

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