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09-Apr-2004, 00:24
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Likely you will have already seen reference to this paper in today's OLDaily (http://www.downes.ca/news/OLDaily.htm), but I felt it was worth reposting as it is a good paper and early on makes an important distinction that I think is too often left dormant in LOR projects and leads to no end of confusion about what people are trying to achieve. </p>

This distinction has to do with the drivers behind the use of learning objects/repositories. The paper outlines 4:</p>

- The efficiency route: the argument that learning objects and repositories enable scaleable reuse of materials and are thus a more efficient way to develop materials

- The teacher-centred route: sharing LOs will enable cross the board improvement of teaching materials

- The pupil-centred route: LOs, in that they also promote the separation of content and presentation and can be traversed to present new versions, enable accessibility and learning-style-centric versions of online materials

- The freedom argument: the LO approach allows instructors to take control of the means of production and share the intellectual product widely</p>


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13-Apr-2004, 22:43
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