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09-May-2004, 13:46
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Today (like many days) I was faced with a task I was not 100% sure how to do. I had a set of ratings for different evaluators, and had been told by someone who knew better than I that I should be trying to calculate their 'z-scores' in order to standardize the numbers.</p>

As I was about to enter a handy-dandy Google search, I thought - "no wait! Why don't you see if there are any 'learning objects' out there that could teach you what a Z-score is, and how to calculate it." So I set out in search of my closest learning object repository to see what I could find.</p>

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09-May-2004, 16:08
Google strikes again! :wink:

10-May-2004, 00:11
I'm very fond of Google as a language tool.;-)

10-May-2004, 03:22
I'm very fond of Google as a language tool.;-)