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12-May-2003, 07:18
Work Advisory, Warning for Taidong (Taitung)
SSETT Work Advisory for Taidong (Taitung), Taiwan!
The following work, living and travel advisory is in effect for Taidong (Taitung)city and county.
There have been several confirmed reports of basic human rights violations and illegal search and seizures of Foreign residents and their property by the Foreign Affairs Police in Taidong (Taitung), South Eastern Taiwan. There have also been several reports of persecution and wrongful imprisonment of Foreign Nationals in Taidong (Taitung).
We strongly advise all foreign persons to avoid this area as basic civil liberties have been suspended for non-Taiwanese nationals in the area prescribed.

12-May-2003, 23:53
Do you represent an official organisation?

13-May-2003, 07:23