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06-Aug-2004, 23:33
Hi :) , I am doing my masters in ELT and my thesis topic is Investigating the ways that how do teachers exploit different genres of Literature(Drama, poems, essays, novels etc) to teach English Language at Intermediate level or at College level?
Actually i need to develop a questinnaire for the teachers , to ask diffrent questions realted to my topic. i need ur help in developing a questionnaire , my subsidary questions related to this topic is
Which is ur(teacher) favourite genre of literature to teach English Language? how do u develop an interst towards a boring poem, essay, novel etc? how do u enhance an interaction between student and in a literary text? wht are the startegies u apply to motivate the students towards Literat text? and so on.
hope u can give some more questions as i told u. and any suggestions any discussion and websites,liks or tell me abt some rsearches related to my topic, i 'll be very greatful to u plp.
take care
Bye :)

07-Aug-2004, 01:28
I teach predominantly exam courses without a literature element and, as a result,don't use literary texts in the classroom at all,I'm afraid.;-)

07-Aug-2004, 03:00
Last May a Chinese English professor presented a conference paper extolling the virtues of using Shakespear to teach English.

07-Aug-2004, 12:34
In the UK there is an obssession with exams and teaching language held to be directly related to people's daily and professional lives. Literary language has been sidelined. Sad, really.