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17-Aug-2004, 16:12
Teachers, share your experience with a newbee!!! :D

Perhaps, someone can give the links where I could find some interesting English class activities - games, quizzes etc.

Or maybe someone's got their own unique invensions in the field of pedagogy? :D

will mcculloch
17-Aug-2004, 17:59
Hallo Tanja in Estonia :)

I hope that "Word Surfing" - which is all about vocabulary development strategies - will be of interest to you ... and that you and your students may want to become involved in a " Vocabulary Forum" project that is "for learners by learners".


Learners who make a contribution should get some good practice and
also help to teach other language learners something at the same

One of the aims of the forum is to encourage students to learn more
actively and interactively both inside and outside the classroom.

Their suggestions should ideally be checked by a teacher before sending them - but they will, in any case, be checked there by either myself or another teacher. Suitable suggestions , with alterations/correction if necessary, will then be transferred into a Vocabulary Builder at


Hopefully this will soon become a useful resource that is full of
good ideas and grammatically correct example sentences - from
learners in Estonia - and all around the world.

If you like the project please encourage your learners to send in their
suggestions and tell other teachers about it too.

Bye for now, thanks & best wishes from Budapest.

Will :)

17-Aug-2004, 23:02
That is really great!!! :up:

I liked many ideas, especially about using cards in the process - that's useful and also iteresting for children. I know that sometimes teachers just don't know what to do with some boys playing cards at the back desks. It might be a good method: to use at the lessons those things that have been forbidden before. Behaviourism!!! :lol:

Unfortunately :( , I am not working teacher yet, and I cannot advice the students to visit your great site (because I got none :D ) This year I am going to take my teaching practice at school - I think I will borrow some ideas from you with the big pleasure. :D

Perhaps, some time the technology will allow students in our country to use PC and the Web as providors of study materials. :roll:

will mcculloch
18-Aug-2004, 09:17
Hi Tanya, many thanks for your "thumbs up" reply - and I'm sure you'll be a working working teacher soon. Good luck and best wishes Will :)

18-Aug-2004, 14:13
Hi Tanya, many thanks for your "thumbs up" reply - and I'm sure you'll be a working working teacher soon. Good luck and best wishes Will :)

Thanks a lot!!! :D