View Full Version : Looking for NYC ESL Classes / Correspondence

22-Dec-2004, 01:27
I am looking for the best class-based ESL schools (for spanish speakers) in New York City. For a variety of reasons I'd like to find independent/private schools (i.e., not affiliated with universities). I've looked online but its hard to tell which ones are higher quality and/or bigger (more established) than the rest.

Any ideas?

I'm also looking for Correspondence courses for ESL (for spanish speakers). I've seen the Ingles Sin Barreras product (videos), but am looking for others. Could be software, could be video, could be written correspondence.

Any ideas? Any thoughts would be most welcome! Thanks.

23-Dec-2004, 04:29
I'm afraid I can't help much as I don't work or live in the States, but we have some links here: